The Boursot family has been associated with the wine world in France since the mid-16th century, as well as in England since the 19th century when it became one of the first to import champagne into England.  

Today, Guy Boursot has great experience on both sides of the English Channel and he is a wine writer, speaker, consultant, merchant and vineyard tour operator.  His reputation is solid and trustworthy.

All the wines here are selected by Guy Boursot so as to offer you great value for money.  Prices of wines start from 3,90 euros. You can be assured of finding good wines with the Boursot guarantee at reasonable prices.

Boursot Vins offers you:

  • Personalised wine advice at whatever quality level and for whatever need.
  • Wines with quality guaranteed at reasonable prices.
  • A simple and effective ordering and delivery service.
  • The possibility to taste wines before buying them in the Boursot shop.




The Boursot shop is found in a charming 250 year old building in the historic town of Ardres, 15 minutes south of Calais and 25 minutes to the east of Boulogne-sur-Mer.  There, you can be assured of receiving good advice on wine and you can taste a large number of wines before deciding. The pretty town of Ardres has a very attractive charm and history.  The shop is found in the centre of town, next door to the church.


Entertaining, convivial wine lunches and dinners are organised in the Nord Pas de Calais locality, permitting clients of Boursot Wines to profit from an exceptional wine experience - quite unusual in the north of France.



Boursot Vins in Ardres