The Whisky (and Whiskey!) Distilleries

Whisky distillation is something of an art.

There are the traditional distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland with names such as Longmorn, Talisker and Glenlivet.  Scotch Whisky is often aged in a bourbon cask and the absence of cold filtering allows a complex bouquet to develop.  Pale gold or amber, aged 12 or 18 years, these whiskies can delight your taste buds.

And then there is the equally good Irish Whiskey with names such as Jameson and Powers.  In general, these are triple distilled in three different stills.

The several flavours can be fruity, floral, spicy or delicately peaty and so, almost like a wine, they can make interesting aperitifs or accompany gourmet meals.