Vineyards in Sud-Ouest, Languedoc et Provence

The South West, the Languedoc and Provence areas are the cradle of viticulture in France. Since Antiquity, people have developed the know-how to enhance their terroirs that are permanently bathed in the sun. The Mediterranean warmth of climate together with the diversity of the soils sometimes give the wines an aroma of “garrigue”, the semi-dessert conditions in which you can see and sense wild herbs and spices – it’s an inimitable southern feature.

These great terroirs produce the all varieties and colours of wine but each has its own star. The rosé with its beautiful salmon colour is emblematic of Provence. Les vins du Languedoc are captivating in the opulence of their reds and in white, some of the biggest stars include Picpoul, Viognier and Muscat.  

There are many other areas too such as Jurançon, Cahors and Madiran.

The south is probably the most exciting area of France at the moment, producing some really high quality wines at still reasonable prices.   In our view, it is the future.