Hospices de Nuits, Nuits Saint-Georges, Cuvée des Sœurs Hospitalières, Domaine Boursot Père & Fils (Bourgogne) 2010 - vin rouge

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Region : Bourgogne
Domaine : Boursot Père et Fils
Vintage : 2010
Capacity : 75cl
sousregion : côte de Nuits
Colour : Red
Vineyard : Les Fleurieres-Les Plantes au Baron
Alcohol % : 13
  • Degree of maturation : Ready but can keep
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  • 2
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  • 5
Light Wine
Full Wine

This indicator represents the body of the wine – “1” being the lightest like a Beaujolais and “5” being the most full-bodied like a wine from the Minervois.

This high quality wine is already showing intense Pinot Noir fruit flavours, with a little tannin, and we believe it will develop really well. The reds of Nuits Saint Georges tend to have a fuller style and this wine was a lovely surprise being from the excellent year of 2010 which, in general, produced more delicate reds with a “purity” of fruit”. A masterpiece.

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Food and Wine Pairings

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