Exclusive Hand Bound Cellar Book

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A classic, retro style, cellar book we have made especially for us. Combining style with practicality, our cellar book is expertly hand bound with gold speckled marbled paper and buckram, with 'Cellar Book' blocked in gold on the front. Inside, the 50 135g printed pages for logging your wines and tasting notes are held in with posts and screws and can be organised as you desire using the 3 dividers: such as into reds, whites and sparkling; countries; past and current stocks, etc. The first of the dividers is printed as a bookplate so that it can be personalised. This is a high quality book made in Britain. It is available in 3 different colours: cork, green and red. This is a Cellar Book that can grow with your collection as you can also add in pages to the same file with the extension kits that will be available in the near future.

Dimensions: 210mm high, 335mm long

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