Demi Bouteilles Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, 37.5cl de Terroir, La Chevallerie (Loire), 2021 - Vin Rouge

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Region : Loire
Domaine : La Chevallerie
Vintage : 2021
Alcohol % : 12,5
Sub Region : Touraine
Colour : Red
Capacity : 37,5cl
  • Degree of maturation : Ready but can keep
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Light Wine
Full Wine

This indicator represents the body of the wine – “1” being the lightest like a Beaujolais and “5” being the most full-bodied like a wine from the Minervois.

Typical of this region, this red has a soft dry fruitiness derived from the Cabernet Franc.  Mr. Bruneau, the owner and winemaker, is a perfectionist even to the extent of not using pumps to transfer his juice so as to retain maximum flavour. This very attractive wine is best when served with light food. A double medal winner.


Food and Wine Pairings

Blanquette de Veau, Esclopes de veau à la crème, Lotte et poisson sauce vin rouge, Quenelles de poisson ou de viande, Saint Pierre