Sterling Silver Tastevin Cufflinks - Exclusive to Boursot's

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Exclusively designed for us and modelled after the Burgundian style tastevins, these hallmarked, sterling silver cufflinks have the classical chain and lozenge bar to fix them (the 'Gentleman's choice'!).

Relatively intricate in design, these cufflinks are attractive and discreet enough to enjoy even if you are not a wine buff and have been made in a very limited edition. They have a dome in the middle of the base, small domes around the rim and an ornate handle.

You could even view and taste a drop or two of wine in them!

They are wholly made in Britain by top silversmiths who are sought after by luxury brands for their craftsmanship. Many silversmiths outsource some of their work to other countries, but we chose these silversmiths as all their work is carried out in Britain which ensures consistent high quality. They are presented in a stylish walnut finish wooden box with mosaic detail and ivory leather like interior.

They make a very special present, not only for their quality but for the stylish design that is exclusive to G&V.