Carmenère, K de l'Arjolle, Domaine de l'Arjolle, Côtes de Thongue, 2013 - Vin Rouge

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Region : Languedoc
Domaine : Domaine de l'Arjolle
Vintage : 2013
Alcohol % : 13,5
Sub Region : Côtes de Thongue
Colour : Red
Capacity : 75cl
  • Degree of maturation : Ready to drink
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5
Light Wine
Full Wine

This indicator represents the body of the wine – “1” being the lightest like a Beaujolais and “5” being the most full-bodied like a wine from the Minervois.

Another originality from the adventurous Domaine de l'Arjolle. Carmenère is best known as one of the old Bordeaux grapes but is now more widely cultivated in Chile. Soft and rich in style, this very good example is interesting and as with Arjolle’s Zinfandel, it’s something unusual.

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