Armagnac, 1996, Domaine du Mignon 42%

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Region : Piemont Pyrénéen
Vintage : 1996
Alcohol % : 42
Domaine : Domaine de Mignon
Capacity : 70cl
  • Degree of maturation : Ready to drink

The Estate / The House / The Cellar:

Monsieur Magnouac of Domaine du Mignon at Lagraulet du Gers near Condom, has put all his know-how and passion into the development of his 1996 Vintage Armagnac. The brandies that compose it come from the grapes of a single year of harvest and have been aged in oak barrels.  Over the years there is always a partial evaporation or reduction, known as "the angels’ share", before being bottled to produce this succulent Armagnac at 42%.


 Scents, Colours and Flavours:

This Armagnac is deep amber in colour.  Warm rich aromas, typical of the local terroir, the Ténarèze:  candied fruit, orange peel and nuts balanced with spicy and vanilla notes. Balance and harmony define the taste of this round and ample spirit with an astonishing length in the mouth.


Ageing Time and Food & Wine Pairing:

Most enjoyable now and over the coming years, this high-end Armagnac can be served as a digestive or during a meal.  It is also said to accompany beautifully local style foods such as mushroom omelette, duck breast with honey, or dessert fruit and rich chocolate based desserts.

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Food and Wine Pairings

Apéritif, Digestif

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