Découvertes et nouveautés

Our Discoveries

Whether it is in the choice of a new wine or for a change of vintage, the same rigorous criteria, derived from the Boursot family’s centuries’ long experience, are applied.  With such an enviable experience in the commercialisation of French wines, the Boursot guarantee can reassure you of the quality of its wines and spirits.  Wines should not be boring;  they should be exciting and show the character of their grapes, their regions and often with the character of their winemakers.  In addition they must offer excellent value for money whether at 5€ or at 350€.  Your satisfaction is our priority.
Prêt à déguster

Ready to enjoy

In this selection, we are proposing wines that you can appreciate easily.  They don’t necessarily carry the names of appellations or growers you might recognise immediately but we have selected them because they bring together all the right conditions to bring you pleasure.  Certain wines will be ready to enjoy in the coming months, others will have the capacity to age over several years.  You will find here red, white and rosé wines as well as sparkling wines and champagnes.  You will be able to share them, in absolute confidence at a meal with friends, family or even something more official.